Recommended crop


AVASTI is a one of the best quality sticking (adjuvants) agent which is compatible with all kind of fungicide, nematicide and every kind of liquid fertilizes also, AVASTI increase surface area on plant therefore spay material easily sprayed on leaf and stick on leaf for longer time.

Benefit of Avasti.
  • Helps to spread pesticides, liquid fertilizes uniformly plant leaf surface.
  • Helps to stop wastage of insecticides, fungicide , herbicides etc
  • Helps to absorb pesticide quickly in plants.
  • Protects plant again cold barn and atmospherics fungal attach.
  • AVASTI is very useful during rainy days for pesticide application it prevents normal runoff of pesticides solution from plants
How to apply

Mix 30 ml AVASTI in every pump and it can apply any stage of crop

Compatibility :

it can be mix with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and Liquid fertilizers

Recommended crop

Useful in every crops .