Recommended crop


BIO MARUTI ZYME is slow lynching granulated plant growth booster, which is coated with seaweed extract, amino acid, plant protein, humic acid and fulvic acid also. BIO MARUTI ZYME provides best growth to plant and provides nutrient longer time during plant life cycle.

Benefit of Bio maruti zyme
  • MARUTI BIO ZYME is compatible with all chemical pesticides , fungicide , fertilizes
  • MARUTI BIO ZYME increase disease resistance power
How to apply

Apply 10 – 15 kg per Acer

Recommended crop

MARUTI DIAMOND-95 is applicable in all crops like fruits plant , Cereals, pulses,oilseeds ,
sugar crop ,vegetables ,potato ,jeera, mango , paddy , tea, spice crop etc it’s gives best result in every crop