Recommended crop


BIO ZINC RICH is bacterial base bio fertilizes which is bio zinc solubilizer BIO ZINC RICH is naturally solubilise unsoluble zinc which is present in soil as unsoluble form and provide to plant and protect plant against zinc deficiency related problem also increase plant growth and yield

Benefit of Bio zinc rich
  • BIO ZINC RICH complete plant’s zinc requirment.
  • BIO ZINC RICH can help in decrease use of chemical zinc up o 30 % .
  • BIO ZINC RICH help in making of soil fertile and soft.
  • BIO ZINC RICH increase farmer income by decrease farimg cost and high yield
  • BIO ZINC RICH is 100 % bio product which can useful in organic farming also.
How to apply

1L Bio zinc rich in one vigh or 2 L / Acer During 1st water.

Seed treatment :

100 ml or 200 gm / 1kg seeds before sowing.

Recommended crop

Bio zinc rich is applicable in all crops like Cereals, pulses, oilseeds , sugar crop , fruits plant , vegetables, potato ,jeera, mango , paddy , tea, spice crop etc it’s gives best result in every crop.