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Kudarat is one of the best bio compost enhancer , which is made from different type of microorganisms, vermivas, natural potassium humate and organic amino acid mixture. KUDARAT increase soil fertility and yield. KUDARAT increase number of soil beneficial microorganisms and boost plant growth . KUDARAT provides nutrients in an organic form to plants. It imparts stress tolerance to withstand adverse abiotic conditions. It induces better flowering and reduces flower dropping and Imparts better organoleptic qualities to the fruit. It improves yield through better grain formation and fruiting.

Benefits of Kudarat
  • Increases functionality of compost and soil natural fertility
  • Increases soil water & Nutrient uptake capacity
  • Increases seed germination rate and seedling
  • KUDARAT is 100 % bio product & useful in organic farming also
How to apply

2 kg KUDARAT with bio compost and apply in 1 acer

Note :

Don’s use KUDARAT with chemical pesticides